Butter has butter health benefits than margarine


Bilal Ibrahim, Staff Writer

Although butter and margarine are very similar, they’re made of very different things and appeal to many different groups of people. However, margarine is substantially more artificial and unhealthy than butter, regardless of what companies manufacture.

In general, there are three different types of fats: unsaturated, saturated and trans. Unsaturated fats are actually healthy. They can come from seeds and nuts and they can lower cholesterol levels. These are liquid at room temperature and are much better to use than other fats. Saturated fats are derived from animals, but are worse than unsaturated. Butter falls into this category. Trans can be very unhealthy even in small amounts. Margarine is a trans-fat, meaning it should be avoided.

Butter can also be healthy in small amounts. It contains vitamins A, E, and K2. K2 can be very beneficial because it is rarely included in normal diets. A low amount of it can cause health problems. There have also been studies showing that it can lower the probability of having heart problems, but only when eaten conservatively.

Margarine, on the other hand, is a trans fat. Consuming it can increase cholesterol levels and increase risk for a multitude of diseases. Additionally, it is recommended not to put margarine in anything baked like cookies because it will make it thinner and flatter than normal. It’s also easier to fry things with butter than it is with margarine.

In the end, though, it does come down to personal preference. Margarine is easier to spread and some people think it tastes better. However, in terms of health and practicality, butter is much more beneficial. It is not trans fat, and it is capable of being baked or fried.