‘E’ by Kate Wrath is a story not to be missed

E by Kate Wrath is a story not to be missed

Lauren Alison, Copy Editor

“E” by Kate Wrath is the first book in the “E” series, which is a post apocalyptic science fiction book targeted towards young adults. Set far into the future, the world is nothing like the world as it is today.

“E” follows a girl named Eden and her ragtag group: Neveah, an older woman who has yet to speak and sells medicinal herbs on the street; Oscar, who is a young boy who at the tender age of 8 has seen things that no person should ever have to witness; Apollon, a guy that brings light to even the darkest of situations; and Jonas, a man who is guarded and never reveals more than he is willing. Together, this group lives in a place known as Outpost 3, which is more than just a little run down. It is there that starvation is expected, slavery is always looming, and robotic officers known as sentries reign with fear. But Eden is determined to survive. After having her memories erased from a crime she can’t remember, Eden is living day by day, with the threat of death always over her head, and when a rival crime lord threatens to make things even worse, her and her friends are willing to do whatever it takes to make things right.

As a self-published book, “E” is not well known, but definitely should be. From the first sentence, “E” sets an action packed pace that never really slows down. One of the most notable things about the book is its characters, especially its main character, Eden. From the moment Eden wakes up in Outpost 3 and realizes that she has been erased, it is made known that Eden is not one to back down from a challenge. Suffering through starvation, manipulation, and gut wrenching losses, Eden never stops moving forward and working towards what needs to be done. She is all the things that a heroine should be. Strong, yet vulnerable and tough, but empathetic. Eden is a character that is to be admired and respected. The supporting characters: Apollon, Neveah, Oscar, and the Outpost 3 crime boss Matt, are also not to be missed. These characters are complex and add a lot to the entirety of the plot.

Though the book as a whole was great, there were some minor things that could be slightly irritating. One of the main things was the time skips. There would be very detailed descriptions of a period of time, and then it would suddenly skip forward a couple of days, weeks, or even an unspecified amount of time. Another thing that could also be slightly annoying was the dragging on of Eden’s internal dialogue. There were some things that could have been easily described in a simple paragraph or two, but would drag on far more than needed. Also with Eden’s internal dialogue, things could sometimes become confusing. She would sometimes go off on tangents that would only cause things to become overly complicated and confusing. Other than those few things, the book was very enjoyable.

For those who love fast paced action books, “E” is the perfect book. The next book in the series is called “Evolution” with two following books called “Eden” and “Elegy” and a full length novel called “Jason and Lily” that is meant to be read after the third book as it is a prequel to “Eden”. The fifth books of the series, “Endgame”, is set to come out soon. 

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