LaVida Massage provides excellent service in a relaxing atmosphere

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Victoria Wendt, Staff Writer

All athletes, no matter the sport they play, share the same struggle: being sore. Having sore muscles can affect the way you play, something no athlete wants. Being able to relive this pain after a long day of competing is possible. At LaVida Massage, in Rochester Hills, Mich., you can get that relief you need.

When you enter LaVida massage, you are welcomed with an aroma of many different calming smells, along with a receptionist who signs you in. After making an appointment ahead of time, you are given a “new patient form” to fill out that includes why you’re coming in, and what type of massage you want. This form is a great way to express your problems to your masseuse, like how much pressure you want used, and where you want the massage focused on. The massage can be anywhere from twenty five minutes, to ninety minutes, depending on how much money you’re willing to spend. An hour massage is $49.95, with additional fees of five dollar for extra items like special oils.

After turning in the form, the masseuse comes to greet you and goes over the form with you before taking you into the room for your massage. LaVida Massage does a great job setting the spa mood throughout the whole store, with dimly lit halls and relaxing music. The room is pretty small, with a heated table with blankets in the middle and a few other small decorations, like a chair to hold your things. Once in the room, you go over further questions about your pain, then they leave you to undress and get positioned on the table for your massage.

The massage is very accurate to the form that you filled out. The masseuse will focus  on the parts that are marked as hurting, and might tell you that they will work on other parts in that area that they feel are tight. A little ways into the massage, the masseuse asks if the pressure is okay, to ensure that you are comfortable. After that, it’s just the calming spa music, giving you ultimate relaxation, be careful not to fall asleep! Half way through the massage you flip over from your stomach, onto your back to get a better shoulder and neck massage.

Once the massage is over, the masseuse will let you know, and leaves the room for you to redress and collect your things. Next to the chair there is a piece of chocolate, which really completes the massage experience. Once you’re ready, you exit the room and go back into the front room where you filled out your form in. From there, your masseuse meets you with a glass of water, another great touch. After you pay, your massage experience is complete.

There isn’t much bad to say about LaVida Massage. You’re completely taken care of during your massage and given plenty of opportunities to consult with the masseuse about what you want. On the down side of the massage, the day after you will still be a little sore, due to working out the knots in the muscles, which is explained prior to the massage. The masseuse shares that ice will help with inflammation and soreness.

LaVida Massage, on Walton Blvd in Rochester Hills, is a great way to end a long day of sports for an athlete in pain from overuse of their muscles. LaVida Massage earned a 5/5 overall.