Three novels fantasy-lovers should be reading


Lauren Alison, Staff Writer

Angelfall (Penryn and the End of Days):

Author: Susan Ee

Genre: Young adult, dystopian, fantasy

Description: Set in a modern day in a post-apocalyptic world, “Angelfall” explores the strength and determination one forms when put in the worst of circumstances. Seventeen-year-old Penryn is trying to survive in less than ideal circumstances. With a sister that is wheelchair bound, and a schizophrenic mother, Penryn is trying to navigate a world ravaged by the very things that people look towards for protection, angels. It was just six weeks ago that the angels descended on earth and destroyed the world as everyone knows it. It is one day that Penryn, her mother, and sister decide to find another place to camp out that everything goes wrong. Penryn’s sister has been taken by warrior angels, and Penryn will do anything to get her back, including making a deal with one of the creatures that is supposed to be her enemy. Raphael, or Rafe, is a warrior archangel that has been betrayed by his kind. Left bloodied and wingless on the street, Rafe has no one to turn to but the small teenage girl that rescued him from his own kind. Together, these two form an unlikely alliance to recover the things that mean the most to them as well as unearth plans that could mean the destruction of an entire race.


Demons at Deadnight (Divinicus Nex Chronicles):

Author: A&E Kirk

Genre: Young adult, fantasy

Description: Seventeen-year-old Aurora Lahey has just moved back to the small town of Gossamer Falls after a brutal attack in her old home of Los Angeles. Aurora has been able to see demons for as long as she can remember. Since coming back to her hometown of Gossamer Falls, not only has she been seeing demons, but they have also been attacking her. Something that has never happened before. As if things can’t get even weirder, she also finds out that she has a superpower, one that can help her against that demons that are after her. Strange things are happening in Gossamer Falls, and there is one place that she thinks she can get the answers to the questions that have been piling up since she arrived in Gossamer Falls; The Hex Boys. A team of six guys that seem to have destruction always on their tail. Things are not as they seem, and Aurora is in more danger than she ever could have imagined, also putting her family in danger. In a fight to keep her family safe, Aurora must put her faith in The Hex Boys and even put her life on the line. “Demons at Deadnight” is refreshingly funny full of both wit and sarcasm with a strong heroine to go with it.

Revival (The Variant Series):

Author: Jena Leigh

Genre: Young adult, urban fantasy

Description: Sixteen-year-old Alexandra Parker has not had great luck recently. After catching her boyfriend with the most popular girl in the school, being cast out to the bottom of the social chain from freak electricity accidents, Alex has been feeling pretty down in the dumps. To make matters worse, Alex is almost killed in a not so accidental fire and is saved by the annoyingly arrogant Declan, soon brought to the residence of the Grayson’s where she also meets Nate, Kenzie and Brian. People are after Alex and she’s not sure why. With a fire-wielding maniac and a secretive government agency in the shadows, Alex has a lot to learn. Not only about who she is, but also where she came from. As Alex begins the unravel the secrets of both her and her family’s past, she learns that nothing is as it seems, and she might not be as human as she has always thought.