BRIEF: Ryan Maloney discusses swimming and diving, his favorite aspect of high school


Carly Craig, Circulation Manager

With swim season in full swing, junior Ryan Maloney talks about his experiences as a third year member on the Varsity swim team.

“I have been on the swim team for three years, my full high school experience,” Maloney said. “I enjoy swimming for the school because I get to meet a lot of people and I get to do what I love most which is swimming.”

Maloney isn’t just a swimmer.

“I’m not only a swimmer, I’m a diver [too],” Maloney said. “What I like about diving is that I get to use my old gymnastics skills. I get to jump off the board and do a bunch of flips and twists; it’s always a good workout.”

Maloney says a big part of being on the swim team isn’t just the swimming itself, but bonding with his teammates.

“My team and I bond by going to pasta parties together,” Maloney said. “We play games in the pool, we’re very social with each other and we all support each other during our races.”

Maloney talks about the positive impact swim and dive have had on his life.

“Swimming has changed my life because it has helped create high school memories that I will never forget,” Maloney said. “Swimming is something that I love to do and it’s all together one of the best things about high school.”