Seniors scramble to finish college apps


Melanie Wong

As the early action deadline for submitting college applications approaches on November 1st, seniors are rushing to complete their apps whiles others have finished the lengthy process.

This time of the year appears to be abounded with stress for these students in that they have to write college essays, send transcripts, fill out large questionnaires, and fulfill more requirements for applying, all while balancing their academics and extracurricular activities.

Senior Taylor Dowdell believes the Common Application, the site used to submit and review apps by some universities, created the most frustration.

“The most stressful [part] was using the Common App because it wasn’t working properly and it wouldn’t let my teachers upload recommendations,” she said. “It was just difficult to work with.”

Senior Yousif Abbo also seemed to find the application process stress-inducing.

“Starting [the applications] in general was the most stressful part,” he said. “I have no time whatsoever to do anything, and I don’t know when I’m going to finish applying.”

With the accumulated anxiety from completing schoolwork and college apps, these seniors believe it is imperative for underclassmen to follow one piece of advice in particular.

“Start in the summer,” senior Alyssa Saluk said. “And look at the essay prompts [when they are released.]”

Dowdell agrees with Saluk and thinks it is important for students to not procrastinate on their applications.

“Start your applications early over the summer,” she said. “Because if you don’t, then you’re going to end up stressing since you have [apps] to finish and other homework to do [during the school year.]”

After the deadline passes, seniors will be able to feel a bit less stressed in that they will no longer be burdened by a load of college apps. Dowdell admits that she cannot wait to submit her final application and relax afterward.

“I’m going to sleep and take a day off,” she said.