BRIEF: Falcon Fridays raise school spirit at RHS


Mr. Byrd and Mr Commerson discuss the events of the day while wearing falcon blue to show their pride of the school.

Angela Mammel

Friday, January 15th, marked RHS’ monthly Falcon Friday, where many students threw on their favorite spirit-wear to express their love of the school. Sophomore Ramona Johnson loves the excitement these days raise, although she usually doesn’t participate in them because she believes they are not advertised very well.

“I usually don’t participate in Falcon Fridays only because I don’t know when they’re happening,” Johnson said. “I’m all for school spirit, though, so if they were advertised better, I would!”

Johnson loves RHS and thinks that having school spirit is fun and also very important because it makes being a student more of a positive experience.

“I definitely think that having school spirit is important,” Johnson said. “I’m in marching band and it’s great to get excited by doing halftime shows with my friends in the fall, and having school spirit in general makes waking up and going to school every day a little less miserable.”

Johnson also likes how people raise their school spirit by participating in different games at their specific lunches, and was excited for the crosstown showdown competition between schools that happened on the 15th.

“The games, although they can kind of be annoying sometimes, are really fun,” Johnson said. “They’re really a great way to get people pumped about everything, especially before the crosstown showdown today.”