Joseph Robert Patterson faces 40 years for aggravated assault on an infant, Adrian Peterson’s son

Joseph Robert Patterson faces 40 years for aggravated assault on an infant, Adrian Petersons son

Zach Libby

A two-year old boy, whose name has not yet been released from the request of his family, has died from suffered injuries from abuse.

The infant has been confirmed as Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson’s son. The news was broken out by the Star Tribune.

The man charged with aggravated assault and aggravated battery on an infant is 27-year-old, Joseph Robert Patterson, who was living with the mother of the child at the time.

Patterson could face up to 40 years of prison if he’s found guilty on both charges. He will be fined $800,000 dollars as well.

The suspect has had a past with the law in recent years. Just past year, Patterson was charged with domestic assault and abuse, which were both set as misdemeanors. Patterson was given suspended sentences from the charges.

In response to the love received by athletes, media, and the fans following the horrific news, the father of the child, Peterson, took to social media and expressed gratitude for their kindness.

“God bless everyone and thank [you] so much,” Peterson wrote on Twitter.

Last season’s NBA most valuable player, Lebron James also took to Twitter and expressed his feelings towards Patterson and the child.

“So Damn sad man! Makes no sense at all,” James said. “Innocent kid with dreams gets taken away by a coward with no dreams at all! Smh #SickforAP.”

Adrian Peterson also wrote that the situation is a private matter and has asked for everyone to respect his privacy. The running back planned to play in the game following his son’s death against the Carolina Panthers.

“Football is something I will always fall back on,” Peterson told reporters Friday. “It gets me through tough times.”

The infant’s cause of death was due to severe injuries in the brain. According to, 1,300 U.S. infants suffer a fatal or severe brain injury due to abuse each year. More than 11,000 children are killed due to brain trauma.