Pistons Dominated by Spurs at Home, 109-99


Mike Muholland - MLive.com

The Pistons struggled to gain ground against the dominant Spurs on Tuesday night.

Hussein Murray, Staff Writer

AUBURN HILLS, MI – The Detroit Pistons suffered a home loss on Tuesday night against the San Antonio Spurs, losing 109-99.

While this wasn’t exactly a rematch of the 2005 NBA finals, both teams played a close battle all the way until the third quarter. However, it was apparent that Detroit’s dismal bench could not hold their ground against a loaded Spurs squad.

Detroit was dominated in terms of point guard play, as Tony Parker shined in 31 point outing. Reggie Jackson scored quite often, but was innefficient.

Andre Drummond was shut down by future hall of fame selections Lamarcus Aldridge and Tim Duncan, who held him to 17 points and 10 rebounds. 

San Antonio simply dominated the outing in the latter stages of the game, as veterans off the bench proved to be the game’s deciding factor. Detroit could simply not keep up, especially with Andre reaching foul trouble in the first and third quarters.

Kentavious Caldwell-Pope was one of a few bright spots in the Pistons’ performance, scoring an efficient 25 points on the night. Aron Baynes had a double-double off the bench.

This game was a true mark on both teams’ seasons. San Antonio proved its dominance once again after defeating another solid team, while Detroit was given a cold dose of reality that it still has work to do in order to cause damage in the playoffs.

Detroit will play at Memphis on Thursday, then followed by a tough home matchup against the Golden State Warriors.