RHS student makes plans to join Eastside Roller Derby


Julia Labban

Junior Roxanne Parman plans to join the Eastside Roller Derby team after seeing them in the Rochester Christmas Parade.

“Me and Mariam [Kaakarli] went to the Christmas parade and saw the team rolling around,” Parman said. “So we thought that was really cool and we wanted to do it.”

Parman says that when she saw the team, she first thought of the roller derby movie, Whip It.

“When we saw them we thought ‘Hey we’re going to be the next Ellen Page,’” Parman said.

Parman explains that she’s skated before, but not like in a roller derby.

“It’ll probably be hard to get in,” Parman said. “I know how to skate because I used to do in-line skating, but this is different. Also it’s a hard contact sport so that should be interesting since I don’t play sports.”

Parman encourgaes others to join the team in the future.

“Join roller derby, it’s hype,” Parman said.