BREIF: Rochester Bands hold Annual Christmas Concert


The wind ensemble, which Benson is a part of, stand proudly after a performance.

Angela Mammel

On Dec. 16th, RHS bands celebrated the holiday season through music in their annual winter concert. This band tradition provided many students, such as sophomore Meredith Benson, with a great experience through playing their instruments, being with their friends, and spreading seasonal cheer.

“Every year we get together and play Christmas music and other songs in our winter concert,” Benson said. “We even have songs that the audience sings along to, and it’s awesome to spread Christmas spirit like that.”

Benson plays the clarinet, and loves the friendships she’s formed with the others who play that instrument in the band.

“I play clarinet, and it’s really fun,” Benson said. “I really love the other clarinets, too, and it’s awesome to have such great friends in band and to be able to perform in concerts like this one with them.”

The winter concert is Benson’s favorite concert, as she loves spending time with her friends in the setting of a band in the season.

“It was really great to be able to play with my friends,” Benson said. “And I especially love the Christmas concert where some of the songs we’re playing are ones we all know.”