3 Apps that allows you to listen to your favorite music for free


Ollie Najar, Staff Writer

Students at Rochester High are often listening to music in the halls and at lunch to help bring some energy to school and enjoy the time between classes. Listening to music on phones varies over multiple apps and devices, here are a few of the ways RHS students listen to their favorite tunes without paying for them.

Spotify: Spotify is a free music app for smartphones and allows users to either listen to specific artists, albums, and playlists for free or pay a fee to have ability to choose specific songs. “I use Spotify Premium because I can find almost any music I want to and listen to it,” Junior Alex Stevenson said. “I pay a monthly fee but I enjoy the extra access Spotify Premium brings.”

Pandora: Another app for smartphones, like Spotify, is Pandora. Though similar, Pandora is more like listening to a radio and plays music that is similar to artists, songs, and albums listeners have “liked”. “I use Pandora because I like to listen to my favorite artists’ radios,” Sophomore Kyra Shaw said. “For example, the Mac Miller radio is my favorite to listen to because it’s music like his.”

SoundCloud: An app for listening to any music uploaded by any account,  as well as useful for listening to music not uploaded to iTunes or that costs money. “I don’t use SoundCloud for listening to random people’s mixtapes and remixes of songs,” Senior Kristine Ivezaj said. “I use it to enjoy music for free and listen to songs from my favorite artists that I cannot find anywhere else.”