BRIEF: Student shares passion for running


Rachel Pitts

Audrey Weber runs in one of her cross country meets.

Paige Radman, Staff Writer

When sophomore Audrey Weber is not found working diligently on her homework, spending time with her family and friends, or taking photos she can be found outside doing what she loves.

“Running to me is a break from reality. It’s something that I can do, and it brings me together with some of my best friends,” Weber said. “It is something that takes my stress away, and something that I love. It’s apart of my daily routine.”

Every passion or hobby includes various obstacles that must be overcome, and Weber has trumped various things that stood in her way.

“My freshman year of cross country I got injured, and it really lowered my confidence in myself because I was always afraid that I was going to get injured, or something was going to happen that I wouldn’t be able to run,” Weber said.  “Also, anxiety of just running has definitely been difficult, but it is something that everyday it is getting a little bit better.”

Since her freshman year Weber has accomplished various goals in her running career.

“This year of cross country I won my varsity award,” Weber said. “Also, I raced every race this season which was huge for me because I wasn’t injured, and I wasn’t hurting. It felt really nice to finally not be injured.”