Christian Fend, Staff Writer

During Dec. 7-11, 2015 that one may have noticed many students seemingly randomly wearing string necklaces with clothes pins attached. This was the newest of A.P U.S. History teacher Mr. Chad Zwolinski’s teaching methods for the civil war. APUSH students were involved in a game where different classes were asked to compete against each other by asking various civil war questions for an opportunity to take a partner test.

Sophomore Grace Murphy further elaborates on what this activity entailed.

“Basically everyone had supplies and you could ask the hour you were competing against questions in certain areas and when someone got a question wrong one of their supplies was taken,” Murphy said. “When they got it right they got to take the other person’s supply.”

Students believe this interactive new way of teaching the civil war was both beneficial but also very helpful when learning the key concepts and ideas of the civil war and causes leading up to it.

“I think it was beneficial because I definitely know more than I would’ve,” Murphy said. “I think next year’s class should get to play the game if they’re responsible enough”.”

Although many saw the game as a great new way of making each other more educated on the Civil War, many also saw a few drawbacks that lead to issues that need to addressed.

“The game would be better if there were chances to get points in class,” Murphy said. “I think that people running and asking unfair questions were flaws that need be fixed”.”