Kane Phillips wears pink every day


Oliver Najar, Staff Writer

Every outfit junior Kane Phillips wears includes at least one pink item.

“Pink is my favorite color, not much else to it,” Phillips said. “It makes my day a little bit more interesting.”

Sophomore Lizbeth Desmet says Phillips’ wardrobe choices make him have a friendly glow, despite his sizable stature.

“He loves it, it’s his favorite color in the whole world, Dismet said. “I think it’s stupid when people say only girls can wear pink. It shows that guys are not afraid to be themselves and put themselves out there [when they wear pink].”

Phillips agrees that guys should be able to wear any color they want.

“I do not find it insulting when people say it’s girly,” Phillips said. “I find it funny and it makes things exciting.”

Phillips enjoys showing his true colors and expressing himself.

“I believe that when you have a style you should stick with it, make it your own — that is what makes a style iconic and impactful,” Phillips said. “More people should show their true colors.”