School bus crash in Rome Township injures several students

School bus crash in Rome Township injures several students

Sydney Bammel

A school bus in Rome Township, Michigan was headed on its daily rout to bring its students to their school in the Onsted Public Schools district, when it was smashed into by a pick-up truck.

Eleven of the 25 students we immediately taken to the hospital by emergency response and four more were taken by their families. Only two of the students were kept for a long period of time, and the rest were discharged. One of the more critically injured students was in good condition later in the week, while the other was not so fortunate and was listed as critical condition at University of Michigan Hospital, Ann Arbor.

“If my bus driver had gotten into an accident I would be really shaken up,” freshman Lisa Nasiaska said. “I would also be really angry at whoever caused the crash.”

The crash was caused by an obstructed view of the bus by two parked delivery trucks when 21-year old pick-up driver Tyler Smith, pulled out of a gas station and hit the bus at 7:15am. He was also injured by the crash, although he was listed in fair condition later that week.

“I would like the person to be okay,” sophomore Luke Schira said. “I mean they’re called accidents for a reason. Mistakes happen, but it’s about preventing them and reducing the damage that’s important.”

Although it has been made clear by authorities that the bus driver was not at fault, the rest of the crash is still under investigation of the police to figure out who is accountable for the crash.

“I’d be really upset if nothing happened to the person that caused the crash,” Nasiaska said. “If I was from that area I would probably try to get the truck driver punished.”