BRIEF: Art Club participates in Paint the Plow event


Photo by Rachel Rettie

Zahra Ahmed, Staff Writer

On Nov. 14, students from the Art Club represented RHS at the annual Paint the Plow. Students from all over Rochester came together to paint plows on behalf of their schools.

Art Club member sophomore Rachel Rettie explains how it worked.

“At club meetings we planned designs and then voted on them; we decided on Gian Anovert’s drawing,” Rettie said. “At the event we projected his sketch onto the snowplow so we were able to trace it with sharpie. Then we painted the large areas and then added in detail.”

Rettie says the result was a success.

“We all agree it turned out better than we expected, considering we finger-painted a lot of it,” Rettie said.

Rettie explains the difference between RHS and the others.

“It’s the fact that we’re art students and we’re doing this compared to other schools where they had random people painting,” Rettie said. “I did this event in middle school, but it was cool to be doing it again among art students this time.”

The art club has more contributions to the community in sight.

“We’re planning to paint a mural and put it somewhere in the school,” Rettie said.