MSU hopes to continue positive momentum and beat Ohio State this Saturday


The MSU football stadium.

Jacob Lorenzo, Staff Writer

The MSU Spartans are heading into a big game against Ohio State on Sat., Nov. 21 with a record of 9-1. The team experienced an unexpected loss to Nebraska, but beath the University of Michigan 27-23 on an unbelievable play in the last seconds of the game.

English and video productions teacher Mr. Chris Guyor has enjoyed watching the Spartans play this season.

“I’m really pleased with the season; starting the season off 8-0 is rare territory,” Mr. Guyor said. “It’s exciting to see the Spartans putting themselves in position for a run at the National Championship, which we haven’t won since the mid-sixties.”

Mr. Guyor explains what he loves about Spartan football.

“Well, it’s my Alma Mater, so I’m obviously connected in that way,” Mr. Guyor said. “But I like the character and spirit of the team. They always play to win, whereas before they often played not to lose. Guys want to be there, and when you have guys like Shilique Calhoun and Connor Cook coming back when they could have gone pro, that’s the kind of team you want to cheer for as a fan.”

Head Coach Mark Dantonio is 84-32, which equates to .724, in his 9th season at MSY. Sophomore Jack Paruch thinks Coach Dantonio is key to MSU’s success.

“He brought MSU to a national powerhouse,” Paruch said. “Two straight seasons with 11+ wins is just unbelievable. I’m glad that we have him as a coach.” 

Several players on the MSU roster have received national recognition, including defensive tackle Shilique Calhoun, quarterback Connor Cook, wide receiver Aaron Burbridge, center Jack Allen and running back R.J. Shelton.

“My favorite player is Connor Cook or Macgarrett Kings,” Paurch said. “I’ve talked to Macgarrett a couple of times and he’s a cool guy. We communicate every couple months. And Connor is just an amazing QB and athlete.”

MSU hasn’t won the National Championship since 1966 and, even after a heartbreaking loss to Nebraska, Paruch still feels they can win it all.

“If we win the rest of our games by a lot and win the Big Ten Championship, then yes we should deserve a spot in the playoffs,” Paruch said. “2017 will be the year where we will turn into an elite program and we can beat teams like Ohio State and Alabama. Hopefully they win at least two during my lifetime.”

In addition to looking toward success as the team closes the season, Paruch thinks long-term about how to get 5 and 4-star recruites to continue to flock to MSU.

“As long as we have Coach Dantonio we will be an elite program, but Connor Cook and these wide-receivers will be hard to replace,” Paruch said. “The next couple recruiting classes are top 10 in the nation. Next year may be a small, down year, but in 2017 we’ll be great again.”

MSU has been on a hot streak since winning 21 of their last 23 Big Ten games. They have to win all their remaining games, including beating Ohio State on Saturday, if they want a shot to be one on the four teams in the playoffs.