Hoverboards cause conflict among the public


A new frenzy has dominated the gadget market recently. It has two wheels, it rolls and you can move around on it without using any hands. Hover boards run from around $250-$500 and a lot of teenagers dream of having one. However, there is one problem with some of this innovative technology, they blow up.

Firefighters are warning the public to not keep the hover boards charging overnight because they may cause a fire, leading to severe damage. The warnings have been prompted due to a multitude of reports saying that the hover boards blew up like a bomb, leaving the house destroyed.

Specifically, Paul Hodkinson bought some of these boards for his grand kids ahead of Christmas. But when the boards were left charging in the kitchen they blew up “like a bomb” ripping through the kitchen and causing £250,000 in damages.

With many consumers planning to buy the hover boards ahead of Christmas as Hodkinson did, the questionable build of the board is being reviewed. A recent investigation by BBC’s Watchdog Programme found that the boards are being produced with non-standard plugs. Many of these plugs do not have fuses which makes it easy for the board to overheat and cause a fire.

The fires caused from these boards are not the only negative. The police also have recently warned that the hover boards are illegal in most places excluding private land.

So before jumping to conclusions and buying a hover board, one should do some personal research on the safety of the build and the laws regarding the board.