BRIEF: Students create apps in computer programming class


Zahra Ahmed, Staff Writer

Students learned how to design and create apps using MIT App Inventor in Mrs. Laure Gambaro’s Computer Programming 1 class. The class is in its second year running at RHS. Last year was successful enough to bring a Programming 2 class this year. Senior Tina Das explains why she took the course.

“I like to create art and I think it’s interesting to be able to create programs as well to go along with that,” Das said.

With technology playing such a large role in today’s world, programming has become seemingly essential. Das plans to take this passion further.

“I want to study programming in college,” Das said. “ I might end up going into nursing, but I think it’s still interesting enough to take in college.”

Overall, students enjoyed creating and learning about what goes on behind items they use everyday.”

“[Programming] is really fun,” Das said. “I think a lot of people should do it.”