BRIEF: Spain spring break trip is around the corner



Ollie Najar, Staff Writer

This spring, 37 students will be traveling with Spanish teacher Ms. Beth East to learn first-hand about food, art, landscapes, history and culture. Junior Delaney Herczeg explains her feels about the trip.

“I am most excited for the Gypsy Flamenco dancers and the beaches,” Herczeg said. “I have heard good things about both. Ms. East taught us about the dancers and I really want to see them.”

In addition to the culture, Herceg has certain places that she can’t wait to see.

“I want to see Granada,” Herczeg said. “More specifically to see Alhambra, a Moorish fortress, so much history and beauty behind the city.”

Herczeg explains something that she’s apprehensive about as well. 

“I am nervous about flying mostly,” Herczeg said. “I have never been on a plane and I am afraid of feeling sick on it.”

Overall, Herczeg hopes to enhance what she’s been learning about in Spanish class with this experience. 

“The trip will provide an experience of a new culture that helps with speaking Spanish, but also it will give us a first-hand experience of the culture,” Herczeg said. “I may become more independent after the trip too.”