BRIEF: Robotics team prepares for upcoming season


Connor Bulka, Staff Writer

The robotics team, commonly known as The Feds, is currently preparing for a new season. For several years, the Feds have gained a reputation for triumph, and are trying to build upon their previous success in the upcoming competitive season.

This year’s members have a few things in mind in order to keep up to the ever-growing standards in robotics. Sophomore, Natalie Fylak explains that the team has collaborated and created a set of improvements for the team.

“We are always learning new skills,” Fylak said. “On top of that we are focusing on improving communication between team members and adults this year.” 

As far as the process of the build, Fylak continues to add that there’s many components and team members who have their own individual tasks to help complete the build and finish the robot.

“Each team member can help out in different categories including mechanical build, programming, electrical, design, field build, or PR,” Fylak said. “Each group focuses on different parts of the robot, but works together to make the final product.”