Rochester’s annual dodgeball tournament provides a great time for all


Ben Compton jumps to catch a ball

Angela Mammel, Staff Writer

Thursday marked the return of RHS’s  annual Student Council-run dodgeball competition.  This event took place in the auxiliary gym and had a fun and competitive atmosphere which instilled much school spirit within the students who attended.

“People love (this event) because dodgeball is a fun game, so they can get really competitive about it,” Student Council advisor Mrs. Cusmano said. “It’s really easy, too, so everyone can do it and have fun.”

The game was an amazing event for everyone to attend, and even those who did not care to play had a great time.

“I think it’s really fun to watch…because you have a lot of the seniors who take it so seriously,” Mrs. Cusmano said. “If you don’t want to play, you can just laugh at the people who over exaggerate it.”

This event also inspired many students to show school spirit by wearing costumes and being proud of their team and their school.

“We added the costumes last year,” Mrs. Cusmano said. “Those are cool because the game is always around Halloween now. (Dressing up) is such a fun thing to do as a community.”