BRIEF: School store provides business experience


Senior Ramey Orow and junior Ahmed Anthony take a break from selling merchandise at the Falcon’s Nest.

Sara Trumza, Staff Writer

The Falcon’s Nest benefits the school and displays school spirit by selling spirit wear, dance tickets and snacks during lunch everyday.

“It’s an honor to be in [business teacher] Mrs. [Karen] Malsbury’s presence every day,” store manager Ramey Orow said. “This is a really good experience for real life work and to make money in the future. It’s a good business experience.”

The store offers financial lessons to the students who work the register and social skills to those walking around the lunchroom, advertising their business.

“Our most popular products would have to be popcorn, cookies and sour patch kids,” Ramey says. “We expect our new gummy worms that we start selling this Friday to be a hit, as well.”

Mrs. Malsbury provides a welcoming atmosphere, according to Ramey.

“I love working with Mrs. Malsbury because she is so joyful and enthusiastic about everything we do everyday. Because I’m the manager, she lets me do anything,” Ramey says. “I work hard, we all work hard to make sure the school store is functioning properly.”