BRIEF: JV cheer team looks forward to competition season


Victoria Wendt, Staff Writter

Sophomore Bailey Carlson is a base on the JV cheer team. Cheering is her passion and she enjoys sharing her school spirit with others.

“Although the JV football team’s season is going really badly, [they’ve only won one game] we are cheering more for ourselves and to pump up the parents and crowd,” Carlson said.

A cheer competition normally lasts for five and a half hours. That may seem long to the parents, but the athletes don’t mind. Carlson wasn’t able to participate her freshmen year of high school, but this year, she’s ready to take on the competition.

“For the winter competition season coming up, I’m looking forward to being able to compete,” Carlson said.  “Last year I was injured and couldn’t.”

Flipping, jumping and lifting people can sometimes lead to injury. Last year, Carlson broke her heel while doing a back handspring, a tumble she loves.

“Our season is going very good, our last two games coming up are against our rival schools, Rochester Adams High School and Stoney Creek High School,” Carlson said. “Our biggest competitor is SCHS’ JV team, and we hope to beat them again like last year.”