“Songs For You” by Ray Goren

Paige Radman, Staff Writer

Ray Goren, a 15 year old musical prodigy, released his newest album “Songs For You,” is composed of a compelling collaboration of songs. This young artist gifted with singing, songwriting, and a talent for playing musical instruments makes  Goren a special talent to watch out for. Grammy- award winning artist, Steve Jordan, who has worked with Beyonce, John Mayer, Bob Dylan, Alicia Keyes and many other artists, produced Goren latest album.

Goren’s album “Songs For You” is compiled of five songs, that he has taken elements of gospel, soul, and blues music, with a splash of lively piano, creating a unique listening experience. Each of his songs (with the exception of “Light My Fire”) has been written by Goren, therefore reflecting his view on life itself and the conflicts experienced. The sound of this young artist’s voice, is rich and full of soul and easily connects to the listeners.

This album “Songs For You” has many positive effects on those who listen to it. First, this composition of songs offer various types of cadences. Songs such as  “Those Days” and “Song For Me” highlight the fun, funky beat that Goren expresses that transports the listener back into the past. Other songs such as “It’s On You” and “Down & Out” exude a relaxed tone, playing off more elements of blues. Furthermore, the lyrics of all of Goren’s songs are something that listeners will be humming for days, especially in these upbeat songs. Finally, the lyrics and meaning of Goren’s songs will sufficiently impact the mood of the listeners, for his songs are truly empathetic. Overall, along with the various rhythms of songs appeal to listeners of a vast spectrum, easily remembered lyrics, and its ability to play off the emotions of the listeners makes this album a great combination of songs.  

Some may argue that his album may be too dull and uninteresting to the appeal of a younger audience. The old time feel of the upbeat songs transport the listener to another time period, and may not gain the recognition of the younger attention. Moreover, the lyrics of his songs may be too repetitive and lose the attention of the listener. For instance in the songs, “Those Days,” and “Song For Me.” Ultimately, the combination of the debated old time music and repetitive lyrics are the drawbacks of the album.

Overall, the songs that make up up Ray Goren’s newest album “Songs For You,” highlight the musical talent that this young artist has. This songs have the ability to appeal to a large audience, and the well composed lyrics and rhythm truly make this album a unique listening experience. 4/5 stars.