Students should become less tech-dependent


Sophomore Jaime Gordon

Jaime Gordon, Guest Writer

Students need to get off their phones and start learning. When it comes to students learning, technology is distracting kids from doing their work. Kids think checking their electronics is more important than doing work. They constantly have to check their phone every time their phone makes a noise. It is important for students to become less dependent on technology.

“Students grades are dropping because of technology,” Matt Richtel says in his article “Technology Changing How Students Learn, Teachers Say” for The New York Times. Students tend to be distracted from electronics and they waste time and don’t end up finishing their homework. This causes lower grades because they didn’t do their homework from the distraction of their phones. Blaming poor performance on addiction to social media will be unacceptable for the future, so it should be unacceptable in high school as well.

Technology is changing how students learn. Technology such as videogames and computers are making kids lose their focus. Kids learn better without technology because they were more focused and they payed attention better. With technology students are more distracted and not as focused.

Kids can get bullied from technology and that makes them stressed. When kids are cyberbullied on the internet, they get worried and stressed out which leads them to not being focused. They overthink things and they can’t think straight. Students get to upset from cyberbullying and they can’t focus on their work.

Others disagree and think technology isn’t distracting, because kids can learn from certain apps and websites. Technology distracts students because they go on apps and read messages that have nothing to do with learning. Also, students use the internet for looking up answers and putting no effort in their work. Some think technology isn’t distracting because kids don’t use it that much. Students always are on social media and they’re texting because they’re use to it and everytime they hear the ringing of their device they automatically need to check it.

Students aren’t learning properly because they are too distracted with technology. Technology is changing students and the way they learn. Kids need to start listening to what they’re being taught and stop looking at the screens.