‘Arrow’ season four premiere reveals new twists


Bilal Ibrahim, Staff Writer

“Arrow” is a TV series featuring Oliver Queen, played by Stephen Amell, who is version of Green Arrow from DC comics. He’s a superhero who fights evil in Starling City, but Queen himself is not confident that he’s doing good by harming so many people. Fans were eagerly awaiting the season premiere of season four, which came out Oct. 7, after season three ended on May 13.

The series was such a hit because it features a main character superhero who doesn’t believe he is capable of being a good person. At the end of the third season, he ended his life as a hero and went to a quiet life with his techie hacker assistant Felicity Smoak. In the beginning of the episode, his friends are still fighting crime and ask for Oliver’s help against a particularly difficult and powerful group of criminals, led by Damian Dark, the arch nemesis of the Arrow’s old nemesis who was also his former master, ra’s al ghul.

This long anticipated season four premiere showed the viewers the main antagonist, but that was about it. It featured some action, but didn’t have too much arrow shooting that the show is known for. The main enemy, Damian Dark, was clearly hinted at as being in the fourth season, so that was no surprise, but his magical soul eating powers were not previously revealed. This was a turn of events, now that the enemy has mystical powers that “science can’t explain.”

Speaking of surprises, a major plot twist was revealed in the last five minutes of the episode. Quentin Lance, a police detective and Oliver’s ex’s father turns out to be conspiring with the enemy. At the end of the episode, he’s seen talking with Dark about the returned “Green Arrow.” This is a turn of events because the officer used to be sort of a protagonist, even though he disapproved of the vigilante Arrow. Either way, he was on the “good side” but he may not be for too long. It looks as if Dark’s threats have made him completely against the Arrow.

The romance between Oliver Queen and Felicity Smoak was minimal in the past season, but now it’s obvious. He almost proposed to her with a ring hidden in a cupcake, so their romance is definitely happening. Most fans have been waiting for this since the romance was first hinted at. Of course, the show wouldn’t be the Arrow if there weren’t some major problems in their relationship this season. There are definitely going to be ups and downs; Oliver himself says that he’s not sure that he’s capable of love.

Overall, the “Arrow” premiere presented some exciting antagonists and prepared the story line of the rest of the season. It still did not live up to the expectations entirely, but that’s because a first episode is an exposition for the action of the story. While this episode lacked some plot, it did have some serious twists that make the viewers anticipate the next episodes. Unlike the other seasons, a multi episode enemy was introduced in the beginning of the season rather than at the end. Even though the episode itself didn’t have much action in terms of arrows flying through the air, it effectively set the stage for the future episodes, which will hopefully be more exciting.