‘Madden 16’ provides new gaming experience

Madden 16 provides new gaming experience

Jacob Lorenzo, Staff Writer

The NFL Madden game series is the most sold sports series ever, selling more than 100 million copies. Ever since the first NFL Madden game came out, back in 1988, the Madden games have improved over the years. On Aug. 25, 2015, Madden 16 was released to the public.

EA Sports created a game that all Madden NFL fans have wished for. Every year they change up the game based on what happened last year. Last year, the wide-receivers shone bright the whole season and this lead to the focus being placed on the passing game. Receivers have been given new tools, allowing the user to catch the ball exactly how the user wants, depending on the situation.

This new game-play means that there were some adjustments to the quarterbacks as well. Many of the quarterbacks got a higher rating than last year simply because the wide receivers helped them out with their passing skills. Quarterbacks have also been given a few new ways of passing. Quarterbacks can now attempt a touch pass to throw to a wide-receiver. These are great for putting enough air under the ball to get it over the head of a linebacker, but just enough so the safety can’t get it.

The defense saw improvements as well. Defensive backs can now choose between playing the ball or playing the receiver. Like the new catching mechanics, there’s a risk and a reward to each mechanic. Playing the ball provides a better path to the ball so that the gamer can attempt to intercept or break up the pass. Playing the receiver has the opposite effect. Rather than trying for an interception, the user’s defender will try to rip the ball out. There’s less of a chance for a big play, but the user is practically guaranteed that the tackle will be made.

In addition to the new game-play mechanics, Madden 16 has added a new game mode called Draft Champions. Over the course of 15 rounds, the user is given a choice between one of three players, each at a different position that the user’s roster most likely needs filled. After the draft is over, he or she can either play against the CPU or take their team online for a quick tournament. If he or she wins the tournament, he or she can get packs to help his or her Madden Ultimate Team.

Overall, Madden NFL 16 looks sharp and improved from last year. This year, EA Sports blew away people’s expectations. They finally showed people how great they can make a Madden NFL game. Hopefully, EA Sports can continue their trend and make the Madden experience new and exciting each year.