Falcon football team hopes to get a win for supportive fans


Jacob Lorenzo

The Rochester Falcons walk out onto to the field to run another play against Seaholm High.

Jacob Lorenzo

Back to school. Back to getting up early. Back to studying. And back to football.

Varsity coach Mr. Erik Vernon hopes to continue to improve throughout the season after a tough start.

“I think the varsity team will continue to get better each week because we are working really, really hard, and we have a great group of kids who put a lot of hard work in,” coach Vernon said. “The expectation is to win every game we play so we will keep working on getting better each week to do it.”

One challenge the team has been trying to overcome is that of injuries.

“We got to get healthy because we are dealing with a lot of injuries so we have to get healthy as soon as we can,” coach Vernon said.

Sophomore Brent Burtraw hopes to see this season turn around and for the team to continue to improve for his next few years.

“I think the program’s going right now under a new system of Rochester football and I believe the football team will grow and grow every year,” Burtraw said. “I can’t wait to play varsity football when I’m a senior because I will become a leader for the team and we can show people how tough Rochester football really is.”

Rochester hasn’t made the playoffs since 2010, but always has a consistent fan base in the Soldiers of Fortune.

“I understand that the football team has been struggling lately, but that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t come and watch the games,” junior Sean Galer  said. “I have a blast at the games no matter if we win or lose. Everyone should feel the same way.”