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The next generation makes their living in a new way. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.
The next generation makes their living in a new way. Photo courtesy of Creative Commons.

Growing YouTube artists and comedians have found success and fame due to their videos. Some have dropped out of college to pursue their online careers, and even more have used YouTube as a stepping stone.

One prime example is make-up guru Michelle Phan, who has recently come out with her self-developed makeup brand, Em.

While there are some who support her endeavors, there are skeptics who believe her original channel has turned into a money-driven, corporate scheme. After all, her eye shadow palette is not exactly cheap; it is a whopping $75.

Due to examples like this, there is a growing controversy on whether YouTubers deserve to be paid based on uploading videos to a public website.

There is no reason for controversy; YouTubers deserve both the fame and monetary reward. After all, how are YouTube artists different from amateur scriptwriters and comedians trying to make it in this dog-eat-dog entertainment world? The field of arts, whether referencing comedic, artful videos or physical watercolor paintings, is declining.

Even at Rochester High, the AP Studio Art class was in danger of being dissolved and had to be joined with 2-D art in order to survive. If the arts are lost, society falls apart. However, rather than the the arts field is becoming a faraway dream, YouTube has accentuated arts and bold creativity.

Contrary to many misconceptions, YouTube does not only have comedic vloggers.

JubileeProject, a popular YouTube channel, utilizes cinematography to explore powerful topics such as terminal disease, autism and physical impairments. Other famous YouTubers include authors, scientists, artists and independent music artists who get a chance to shine.

It is no secret that when artists get signed to a record label, their decision-making freedoms and creative abilities get stifled.

One prime example is Sara Bareilles, who wrote her hit song “Love Song” as an angry, rebellious response to her company label. Now, musicians have found less binding ways to reach popularity.

Popular YouTube musicians such as Joseph Vincent and Kina Grannis were even recognized by esteemed talk show host Ellen Degeneres.

Without YouTube, these talented artists would have no medium to achieve their dreams. If money does happen to come with the achievement, it is even better for these young aspiring artists who serve as inspirations to viewers.

Perhaps making YouTube a sole career is not advisable. After all, there is ‘prime time’ that may eventually wear off as years go by.

Even still, like it or not, the entertainment world is an important part of society.

Miley Cyrus’ twerking disaster was trending more than the possible war on Syria. If entertainment has become so valuable, these top-notch entertainers should get paid for blending humor, video production expertise, and wit.

Why people would be upset is a mystery, for YouTube is dishing out the paycheck, not the viewers. Being an avid YouTube viewer myself, the YouTube artists’ fresh perspective and often satirical humor is more than worth the money.

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