Kanye West announces plans to run for president


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At the 2015 VMA’s, Kanye West announced that he plans on running for president in 2020. Though most people believe that he was joking in his proposal, many have already said that he unconditionally has their vote. Whatever the case, Kanye would make a great president because of his confidence, appeal to the majority of the population and a much more.

It’s clear that Kanye has unlimited confidence. He’s blunt, calls people out on their mistakes and isn’t afraid to share his opinion. In fact, he even displayed this at the VMA’s when he criticized award shows and the way that they pit artists against each other and essentially put down their work. He also condemned George Bush for his lack of effort to help victims of Hurricane Katrina, saying that he “doesn’t care about black people.” This recognition of racism and confidence in controversial opinions is just what the U.S. needs. Racist police brutality is still alive and well and yet it often just gets swept to the side, and no one wants to address it head-on. Kanye West wouldn’t have a watered-down opinion on any issue in this country, and he would lead instead of sitting on the sidelines.

Kanye represents and stands up for everyone who isn’t a straight, cisgendered, rich, white male, which is pretty much the only kind of candidate the U.S. has had of late. Kanye worked hard for the earnings he has today instead of  inheriting all of his money, so he understands the working class and their abilities. He also supports the LGBT+ community as he has spoken out against homophobia in the music industry and opposes ridiculous immigration laws. But perhaps the most important thing is that the younger generation likes him. His support from millennials could create a new standard for voting, and the younger generations are the future for the country, making it vitally important that they vote.

Mr. West places a huge emphasis on education and speaks out against war and violence. He thinks that school and the programs in it are very important, especially the arts, which often don’t get enough recognition in schools. He also understands that lack of funding and attention for education often leads to higher incarceration rates. Since Kanye recognizes how broken this system is, he could change it if he were elected. He also doesn’t approve of war or gun violence, which is clear in many of his lyrics. “I feel the pain in my city wherever I go / 314 soldiers died in Iraq, 509 died in Chicago,” (from his song Murder to Excellence”). This country’s handling of gun control hasn’t been strict enough as there are still many mass shootings that take place. If Kanye were elected he would help reform this.

Now many would argue that since Kanye has no political experience then he would make a terrible president. But many previous presidents have been actors or have started out outside the political world. One particular red-faced “business-man” is a perfect display of an ill-experienced individual getting involved in politics of late. But Kanye is better than this old, white conservative because he is open-minded and wants to steer this country towards the future instead of living in the past.

Kanye West would make a great president because of his strong opinions, connection to a large part of the country and a myriad of other reasons. It’s easy to see that he is a forward-thinker who could benefit the U.S. immensely. His presidency would be a far different experience than anything this country has ever seen. Only time will tell if he was serious about running.