Mr. Rowland introduces student focus group


Camille Douglas

While the students have been adjusting to the beginning of another school year, principal Mr. Charles Rowland III has been busy getting ready for the student focus group, a new organization that will focus on assisting the class advisers generate more student activities.

“The kids that are representing the school have the opportunity to meet with me on a regular basis to share concerns or to give us ideas,” Mr. Rowland said.

According to Mr. Rowland, the plan now is to find the students qualified for these positions on the congress.

“We have not identified them yet,” Mr. Rowland said. “They just applied and I am going through them currently. I am going to contact them and get back with them within the next week so we can plan the first meeting.”

Despite not having an exact date of the first meeting set, Mr. Rowland hints of future student focus group meeting dates.

“We are going to try to meet every quarter and maybe once a month,” Mr. Rowland said. “I am going to try to get a feel of how often we will need to meet.”

Mr. Rowland is excited to listen to the students and give them a voice.

“I want it to be student-generated,” Mr. Rowland said. “It is really important to have an opportunity to have access to their principal and let us know if they have some great ideas about how we can make a good and better school.”