“Cinderella” release stays true to original movie


Julia Labban

Whenever a film is remade, there is always the fear that it will stray too far from the original. This concern is intensified when the movie is a well known classic that has been untouched for decades, such as the Disney movie, Cinderella. The remake of the film was released on March 13 of this year and definitely kept the spirit of the original movie alive.

Most people know the basic plot of Cinderella: A girl mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters gets the opportunity to go to a ball held by the king so the prince may find a bride. Aided by her fairy godmother, Cinderella travels to the palace with an extravagant gown and glass slippers. There she meets the prince and they dance most of the night, until Cinderella must escape before the spell enchanting her outfit and transportation is broken. While fleeing, one of her glass slippers is left on the steps of the palace, and the prince sets out who it belongs to. After searching the kingdom, he comes to Cinderella’s household and demands everyone in residence must try on the shoe. It of course fits Cinderella and she and the prince marry soon after.

The new release included not only this but also additional background information on Cinderella, Kit (the prince), and Cinderella’s step-family. An explanation regarding Cinderella’s real family, Kit’s background, and the struggles that the stepmother faces helped to fill in holes that were left by the first movie. The film delves into the conflicts of love and the broken heart, pressure from parents, and the value in courage and kindness. It brought the original to life with visual effects that could not have been achieved in the 50’s.

Overall, the movie was a great take on the original and is definitely recommended to those who have a special place in their heart for Disney. The film will bring up feelings of nostalgia for people who grew up loving the Disney princess movies. The feature thankfully kept the original spirit of Cinderella alive and is a great movie to see soon.