“So Help Me God” builds anticipation


Tommy Massa

Kanye West the musician, producer and fashion extraordinaire is back at it again with his highly anticipated project “So Help Me God.” This album has much to offer as the features alone are enough to get some heads turning. On this album Kanye is working with some high profile musicians such as Kendrick Lamar, Puff Daddy and even Sir Paul McCartney. He also goes back to his roots to mentor and feature Chicago native Vic Mensa of Savemoney who is an aspiring rapper from Chicago’s underground rap movement.

There are three single out to go with his album, “Only One” ft. Paul McCartney, “Wolves” ft. Vic Mensa and SIA, and “All Day” ft. Allan Kingdom, Theophilus London and Paul McCartney. When one breaks down the three songs, it’s hard to get a clear idea of the feel of the album as each single dropped is completely different from the others. Kanye continues to keep his audience guessing for this project. The song “Only One” delivers a soft, relaxing beat accompanied by meaningful, personal lyrics. This reveals a side of Kanye that may surprise fans, as he opens up about his family, as well as the impact they have had on his life. This song feels like it would’ve come from album like “808’s & Heartbreaks,” but with a more positive feel.

Kanye’s next song “Wolves” was dropped on “Saturday Night Live” during the 40th anniversary special. “Wolves,” which features Vic Mensa and SIA, is more of an experimental song. It has a bass heavy beat and loads of auto tune. This is the weakest of the three singles to be dropped, which is a shame as it was full of musical talent. Vic Mensa fits the beat, but listeners really don’t hear him at his full potential on this track. This song is more of a tease of the future collaborations that could happen between Kanye and Vic.

The most recent song to drop would be “All Day.” This is the one that stands out the most out of the three. The list of contributing producers, rappers and more is insane. From the luxury trap-like beat and short but fitting lyrics, this song will pump you up and set fire to the aux cord. The lyrics are not very meaningful, but when Kanye is going off who really cares? This track also features a whistling solo by Paul McCartney. He has elements of most of his albums in these singles and it will be interesting to hear the rest of this album to see where he takes it. This is definitely one of the most anticipated rap/hip hop albums of 2015 and will be well worth a listen.