RHS ACT composite score increases

RHS ACT composite score increases

Jacob Groen

The ACT is a standardized test that is given to students across Michigan. Locally at RHS the ACT composite scores have increased. Last year’s juniors, this year’s seniors, average composite ACT score is 22.1, it went up .4 since the previous score. Over the last five years the trend has been was going up but then went down and since of last year it is going back up.

Learning Consultant Mrs. Aubrey Trimble likes the trend but sees areas for improvement.

“Definitely good, we have done good but we have room to grow,” Mrs. Trimble said. “This year we want the scores to increase. Last year the score was 22.1 and I want the composite score to increase to 23.”

Mrs. Trimble keys in on the subjects that need the most improvement.

“I think as a school we are data driven in identifying our strengths and weaknesses,” Mrs. Trimble said. “We did well in science but we need to increase scores in reading.”

Seeing the increase, senior Emily Trevarrow thinks that the success of her class was their focus on the test.

“We put a lot of emphasis in the importance of the test,” Trevarrow said.

Junior Sean Reynolds agrees and thinks that their preparation to the test was the key.

“They probably studied for a long, long time and prepared for it,” Reynolds said.

Mrs. Trimble doesn’t think this is a one-time occurrence. She thinks the scores will increase.

“I think as a staff and school we are targeting the areas that we need to increase our score on and really target those,” Mrs. Trimble said. “I think we will see an overall increase in our composite score but we need to be really specific in the areas we are targeting and really specific in our goal.”

Trevarrow agrees with Mrs. Trimble.

“I think they will do as good,” Trevarrow said. “I think they have the same perspective.”

Reynolds disagrees with Mrs. Trimble and Trevarrow.

“More than likely we will get around the same scores,” Reynolds said. “Because it takes the same amount of preparation and work for the ACT.”

Trevarrow explains how she studies for standardized tests.

“I had ACT books to study,” Trevarrow said. “And I took a lot of strategic practice tests.”

“I think our staff does a lot of mini lessons focusing on the ACT so we don’t burn our students out, we don’t want to just have every class period where we are teaching the ACT test but we understand that you want to do well on it. So I think they do address it more in mini lessons and do warm ups that are act based we make our common assessments look like ACT questions so you guys are getting more familiar with the ACT questions,” Mrs. Trimble said. “One of the activities we have you doing looks at ACT question stems like how ACT questions look different than a regular math or science test so we are trying to get you guys familiar on the way it looks and the type of questions it asks and have you guys practice.”

With the switch to the SAT from the ACT presents many unknowns.

“Honestly thats a big unknown right now. I think we definitely need to make adjustments but we are moving towards it,” Mrs. Trimble said. “I think that we will spend some time after we take this ACT test, I’m looking at what the SAT have in store for our kids.”

Trevarrow being a senior has taken the ACT and offers her wisdom to the juniors.

“Make sure you take the test seriously,” Trevarrow said.

Mrs. Trimble adds some of her own advice.

“I think they need to be familiar with the test. Online has a lot of act practice tests you can take, I think you need to do that as much as possible. I think that you need to set up a testing environment at home and practice taking a whole ACT test so the same timing as the ACT, put away your phone, no snacks, sit down at a desk and practice taking the ACT over and over again,” Mrs. Trimble said. “The online ACT assessments will actually tell you where your areas of strengths and weaknesses are so that way personally you can look at what are your strengths when you are taking the ACT and what areas you need to work on.”

Reynolds doesn’t think standardized testing is a good measure for a student’s intelligence.

I feel it doesn’t really determine anything about you. It is just sees how well you take a test under extreme pressure,” Reynolds said. “Standardized tests aren’t that good at measuring a student’s true intelligence.”

Mrs. Trimble talks about how the internet has helped with ACT results.

“It’s all online, every parent, every student, every staff member has access to how we do in comparison to other schools,” Mrs. Trimble said. “Kids can look at their scores individually when they look at how they did on the PLAN and Explorer. So I think the information is out there for people to access so that everyone knows where we stand.”