Curran Moffitt wins Mr. Rochester title


Julia Labban

On Feb. 12, a string of male RHS students competed for the title of Mr. Rochester. The pageant featured a fun intro with the boys “getting ready” and included pick up line, talent and question portions for the contestants to be judged on. The event was highly entertaining and humorous, making it easy to see why students come to see it every year.

The beginning of the show displayed a presentation of all of the contestants and brief introductions for the students. The audience laughed while reading funny stories about the boys or satirical answers to questions they were asked. Then the contestants did a silly dance number to start off the show, wearing robes and pretending to primp themselves before competing.

The first segment was a competition for best pick up line. Some of the contestants used well known and repeated methods while others came up with some pretty hilarious and original ideas. The winner of Mr. Rochester, Curran Moffitt, probably had the most memorable line. He walked on stage with limes in his hands, tripped and dropped the produce, and proceeded to writhe on the floor while trying to pick everything up, concluding with “sorry, I’m not really good at pick up limes.”

The second part of the show was the talent portion, ranging from singing, dancing, rapping, slam poetry and in Moffitt’s case, skating. The winner of Mr. Rochester skated around on the stage while singing “Let it Go” from the movie Frozen. This had the audience laughing and singing along while streamers flew and Moffitt glided around. Some other memorable performances were Primar Black’s dances to a mashup of popular songs, possibly the funniest being “Drunk in Love” by Beyoncé, and Jake Stout giving a humorous slam poem that went over his past years at RHS, ending with a heartfelt mention of Gage Garmo.

The final portion of the pageant was the question round which included formal wear. The contestants had to answer questions from the hosts, some being funny, stuttering or touching, like when Tyler Schedlbauer talked about his mom. After this was over, the contestants went backsage and waited for the results from the judges to come in.

The finalists ended up being Primar Black, Curran Moffitt, Jake Stout and Johnny Stathakios. The contestants then stood on stage as the audience voted for the winner of Mr. Rochester. In the end, Curran Moffitt won the title with his original and outgoing ideas.

Mr. Rochester is a humorous way to spend a night with friends and watch classmates be silly on stage. The audience was laughing the whole time and the show was very entertaining. Hopefully the show will continue to be a widely appreciated event for RHS.