RHS gets its own programming class


Students run through lines of code in RHSs new programming class

David Martin

Business teacher Mrs. Laure Gambaro’s students run through lines of code on code.org as she leans over their shoulders to help them out. As she teaches her first-ever programming class, she works together with her students to learn programming for herself. Rochester now has its first programming class in 13 years. Mrs. Gambaro is hopeful for the opportunities that the new programming class could offer.

“There are some students that will just take off with this class,” Mrs. Gambaro said. “They will be the ones making the next new iPhone game.”

Last year’s student class scheduling results revealed a growing interest among students for programming class. In previous years, all of Rochester Community Schools’ programming classes were run via distance learning labs hosted by Stoney Creek High School. This year with the apparent growing interest, administration saw a need to provide the class at both RHS and Adams as well.

Mrs. Gambaro has her own theory as to why the class has gained popularity.

“There are so many new apps and programs now,” Mrs. Gambaro said. “It’s just a really hot thing to get into.”

The class itself progresses in three stages. Students first start out using code.org, learning the basics of programming. They then move on to more challenging programs, Scratch and Visual Basic, to refine their skills.

Mrs. Gambaro likes the challenge that the new class presents.

“It’s something new that I am learning also,” Mrs. Gambaro said. “I feel like I’m using my brain and testing myself.”

Learning with her new students creates a different teaching situation for Mrs. Gambaro in which she is truly challenged.

“(The class requires) a lot of prep work and I’m trying to stay ahead of the kids,” Mrs. Gambaro said. “I think it is more interesting and it comes easier to students because it is part of them.”