“The Interview” lives up to the hype


Dave Skylark (James Franco) and Kim Jong Un (Randall Park) share a comedic moment.

David Martin

For a movie surrounded by so much controversy and hype, “The Interview” was a very enjoyable experience. The movie’s plot is centered around the host of the talk show “Skylark Tonight,” Dave Skylark (James Franco), a dim-witted star with a knack for embarrassing celebrities on live television, and his producer, Aaron Rapoport (Seth Rogan), as they are invited to North Korea to interview the dictator Kim Jong Un (Randall Park). Upon being invited to do the interview, they are approached by agent Lacey (Lizzy Caplan) of the CIA and are told to assassinate Kim Jong Un, to which they reluctantly agree.

Franco and Rogan share a lot of chemistry in this instant classic. The idiocy of Skylark mixed with the snarky attitude of Rapoport make for many hilarious moments and quotes such as, “They hate us cause they ain’t us!”

It’s clear to see where all the controversy comes from as this movie is relentless in its mockery of the power of North Korea and their leader, Kim Jong Un, as they make him out to be a sensitive daddy’s-boy. This satirical mockery provides for a lot of shock value and unexpected events which is sure to leave audiences laughing and cheering for the characters.

There are not many movies that are this simple and effective. “The Interview” isn’t the type of movie that starts off slow, nor does it leave viewers wanting more. Just a few minutes of the movie and audiences will be invested in the plot and comedy. The controversy surrounding it also makes the movie more enjoyable as it feels like it is truly something original and historic.

Not only is the movie hilarious all the way through, but the way the movie wraps up and ties its loose ends is very satisfying and funny. Anyone whose interest was sparked by the controversy of this movie will not be disappointed.