Mr. Miesch participates in a whipped cream contest


Mr. Miesch with whip cream on his face.

Jacob Groen

To get the basketball players pumped up for the Crosstown Showdown against rivals Adams, the class congresses organized a winter pep assembly for Fri., Jan. 23 during fifth and sixth hour. Students competed against other grades and staff members as well.

In one particular game, the whipped cream pie contest,  the goal of the game was to use one’s mouth to find three candies in the pan of whipped cream and put them in the assigned color cup.

The staff member team consisted of English teacher Mr. Todd Miesch and social studies teacher Mrs. Caylan Healy. Mr. Miesch explains his experience.

“[I was] not embarrassed, [but I was] grossed out,” Mr. Miesch said. “I love to eat food but I get grossed out with texture. I am very picky eater. So it was a big deal for me to do this.”

Because the contestants had to find the candy the in whip cream and then put them in different colored cups Mr. Miesch got confused.

“I had to ask the students where to put the candy about fifteen times.” Mr. Miesch said.

Mr. Miesch Mrs. Healy came in last place, and he said he couldn’t have been any happier when it was over.

“My favorite part was being finished, all done,” Mr. Miesch said. “When I got the paper towel to wipe my face.”

Mr. Miesch says he probably wouldn’t be interested in participating in this event in the future.

“No, I would never do it again,” Mr. Miesch said. “The only way is if they let me pick the kind of pie I put my face in.”