Yoga lifestyle promotes stress relief

Hiba Abbas

The start of second semester can be very stressful with another round of work to come in the next few months— meaning more all-nighters, strong coffee and morning slumps, increasing levels of stress. A trendy way to relieve this stress  is through yoga. Although it has been around for awhile, its popularity has been growing among students. Family and consumer sciences teacher Mrs. Alice Anglin explains its benefits.

“Yoga is beneficial for not just your physical health, but for your mind and overall daily functioning,” Mrs.Anglin said. “It helps with breathing techniques, your mental stability  and helps you become more physically fit with stretching by working different muscles of your body.”

Its assistance in calming nerves makes a difference in providing a sole source of tranquility to a student’s life. The busy schedule of a student restricts time for relaxing, a very important factor in lowering stress.

“I think yoga is a nice way to almost take a timeout from all the stresses a student has to focus more what on what is going on inside their minds and body, give their body a chance to relax, organize their thoughts and take a few deep breaths,” Mrs. Anglin said.

Mrs. Anglin provides a session in school from a professional yoga instructor to expose students to new ways to find inner peace.

“Yoga is popular; it’s been popular for awhile with younger people,” Mrs. Anglin said. “It leads to a more flexible body and helps to get that peace you’re looking for.”