Selfie sticks encourage narcissistic behavior

Selfie sticks encourage narcissistic behavior

Mrudula Sriram

Instagram likes, snapchats and retweets all promote the taking and sharing of selfies. According to Spanish teacher Ms. Beth East, the latest invention of selfie sticks further encourages this generation’s narcissistic behavior.

“It’s kind of natural to be self-centered when you’re younger, and to think the world revolves around you,” Ms. East said. “It is strange to see people around my age taking selfies with a stick because they should have grown out of focusing only on their face and image by now.”

Ms. East feels that selfie sticks aren’t necessary.

“Pictures should be of memories you can look back on and relive; you really don’t need thousands of pictures of your own face,” Ms. East said. “Selfie sticks make it really easy for people to get too caught up in themselves. We’re missing out on the world around us by becoming obsessed with how we look, which worries me a little.”

Selfie sticks are not only a growing trend in the United States.

 “There are people from different countries who own selfie sticks,” Ms. East said. “It’s like they’re not even enjoying their surroundings, but instead are so wrapped up in capturing their own image above anything else. With a selfie stick, people don’t stop until they capture their perfect image.”