Spanish NHS donates the gift of learning

Spanish NHS donates the gift of learning

Mrudula Sriram

Spanish National Honor Society’s main focus this season will be embracing the true holiday spirit by donating presents to the less fortunate at Hispanic focus school, Alcott Elementary. Spanish teacher Ms. Kathy Porembiak further explains the purpose of the group.

“We do volunteer work and tutoring at several  schools with a rich and diverse population of Spanish-speaking students,” Ms. Porembiak said.“They get help with math, spelling and reading to improve their English speaking skills.”

In addition to regular volunteering, Spanish NHS has donated gifts to students at these schools for the past two years.

“It is a holiday tradition every year to donate  to these schools and give presents to kids who don’t have very much,” Ms. Porembiak said. “It really emphasis the real meaning of Christmas, which is giving.”

The donations are selected carefully.

“We usually donate educational gifts that help kids with their numbers, counting and spelling, since a lot of these students struggle with English, as it isn’t their first language,” Ms. Porembiak said. “Some of them have parents who struggle with English as well, so donating board games would be a fun and beneficial learning experience overall.”