New graduation requirements beginning mid-year

Ninotchka Valdez

New graduation requirements are underway, and it could mean more than a few changes for students. The purpose of the new curriculum is to give students more flexibility and control over the classes they take.

School counselor Mrs. Kelly Messing-Mirabito discussed what the new changes would mean for some classes.

“Requirements for science is one of them,” Mrs. Messing-Mirabito said. “It’s usually that you take IPS Chemistry and then Bio, and then a third science class, but that could change so that you’d be able to take anatomy or computer sciences for that third class. “

Those already in high school won’t be exempted from the new requirements, as the changes could take place in the second semester.

“It could mean change mid year, which we’ve never had before,” Mrs. Messing-Mirabito said. “It’s usually starting with ‘the class of.’ The meeting for [new graduation requirements] will be held on January.”

However, she thinks that despite the new requirements, the original curriculum is still valuable.

“Rochester still sees the value in the original curriculum,” Mrs. Messing-Mirabito said. “Obviously we’re trying to get you ready for college so we still want you to take those academics.”