RHS After School Tutoring Is Taken To a New Level


Luke Deel

After school tutoring has been taken to a different level at Rochester High School. A new employee has been added to RHS, Mr.Luea.  Ms. Harris, activity director, is very familiar with this newly improved program.

“The tutoring is held from 2:45-3:45, in the library,” Ms.Harris said. “On Monday, anybody can come in, but on Wednesday it is only for the falcon nine.”

Ms. Harris believes the new employee will help RHS.

“Having a separate staff member leading the Falcon Nine program is important,” Ms. Harris said. “It gives struggling students extra attention, so they succeed in their classes.”

In addition to Mr. Luea being a separate staff member for after school tutoring; he will benefit the program even more with his qualities.

“Mr. Luea specializes in learning,” Ms. Harris said. “He was previously at Reuther, so he is experienced at teaching.”

Mr. Luea will not be the only source for after school tutoring, teachers and mentors will also be attending to help as well.

“Teachers, who are paid to stay after school, from every subject will be attending,” Harris said. “NHS members can also volunteer for their required NHS points.”

Ms. Harris believes after school tutoring is essential.

“Students can now find even more help aside from school hours.”