Students compete for Michigan Math Prize


Jonathon Markwort

In high school, it can be difficult to stand out. With everyone taking the same standardized tests and basic curriculum, it can be difficult for students to show off strengths in a certain area.The Michigan Math Prize Competition (MMPC) helps students with this task.

“Every year RHS competes in the Michigan Math Prize Competition,” math teacher Ms. Stefanie Shooks said. “The first round was in October and was open to any student with a registration fee.”

After taking the initial test, qualifying students move on to the next stage.

“This year we had five students qualify to move on to part two of the test,” Ms. Shooks said. “Part two is on December 10.”

The competition’s reward is well worth the work.

“You can win scholarships up to $2,500 to your school of choice,” Ms. Shooks said. “Depending on how well you do on part two, there’s around 50 different scholarships.”

More information is available online.

“You can get more information on the internet,” Ms. Shooks said. “The competition is on Eastern Michigan’s website,”