Improv team prepares to host annual Variety Show


The RHS improv team does an exercise to prepare for the show.

Jessica Leininger

RHS is having its annual Variety Show this Wednesday, Dec. 17. The theme is ‘rejected Disney themes” and there will be a wide range of acts showcasing the talents of RHS students. Hosted by the RHS improv team, captain Jono Mammel explains how excited he is for the show.

“I love the Variety Show,” Mammel said. “Every year it is so cool to see an entire hour and a half long performance come literally out of thin air.”

Mammel continues on to explain how the improv team is involved, and how they host the show between acts.

“The improv team works a storyline.” Mammel said. “And we get this whole weird magic thing together. We get our ideas from the theme and try to make them funny. We like to say we don’t rehearse, which is VERY true for the Variety show.”

The improv captain teases people to encourage them to come see the show.

“I’d love to say we’re funny,” Mammel said. “But we haven’t performed it yet, so who knows! So don’t miss it! We’ve got some great acts, a great story and you’ll have a great time!”

The show will be on Wednesday, Dec. 17 at 7 p.m. in the RHS auditorium. Tickets can be purchased for 5 dollars at the door.