Mrs. Arcangeli enjoys sponsoring multiple clubs


Colette Cloutier

French teacher Mrs. Elizabeth Arcangeli has taken on the role of sponsoring multiple clubs throughout the years. This year, Mrs. Arcangeli runs French Club and French National Honors Society (FNHS), Anime Club and the Muslim Student Association (MSA).

“Things are still getting themselves underway this early on in the year,” Mrs. Arcangeli said. “We don’t have much planned for September, but French Club and FNHS both have activities planned for Homecoming weekend.”

Excited for the coming year, Mrs. Arcangeli admits that her clubs are largely student run.

“We have a board of officers for FNHS and French Club, and the Muslim Student Association is very independent as well,” Mrs. Arcangeli said. “At MSA meetings my role is mainly to provide a room for them to meet in.”

Mrs. Arcangeli enjoys getting to be a fly on the wall at club meetings.

“It is interesting to me,” said Mrs. Arcangeli. “I get to sit back and observe as students work together and take charge to accomplish their mutual goals and aspirations.”