Unique personalized or do-it-yourself gifts


Cara Giles

Record Bowl

This gift is great for any music lover. It has many different uses; it could be a bowl to store some keys, candies or even just a decorative piece of wall art.  This is also very affordable gift since records are sold at Salvation Army for 99 cents each. An important aspect of this gift is to make sure the center of the record is something interesting and an aesthetic the receiver of the gift will like.

Here are the instructions: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Bowls-out-of-Vinyl-Records


This is another great way to give a unique and personalized gift to someone special.  One can make the mug however he or she wants in terms of design, materials used or type of mug. This is also a cheap gift since you will make them yourself. There are many ways to go about this type of DIY. The easiest, but least affordable is to go to the painted pot where they have mugs to choose from and a plethora of paints and tools. Of course this can also be done at home as well.

Here are examples:


Custom Perfume

Perfume is a typical gift, but a fun twist on a traditional gift is to make a custom perfume for a specific person in mind. There are many websites where it is easy to create a perfume letting the user specify the exact amount of scents used in the spray. There are many different scents one can add for example citrus, lavender, jasmine, sandalwood and many more. This gift can be pricy, however, depending on the company it can range from anywhere between $35-$75.




This is another gift great for music lovers. One can pick out the songs that have an emotional connection between them or even just a bunch of the intended recipient’s favorite songs. This may seem like a lame gift, but every time they listen to the CD they will be reminded of the person who made it especially for them. One can get song ideas from checking the recipients spotify. It’s not common to make a mixtape for someone anymore so this gift can signs one truly cares.

Snack Gift Basket

Food is always a great gift because it’s a necessity. By simply remembering someone’s favorite snacks and treats the perfect gift can be created. This gift shows creativity and by people will see how meaningful it is because someone paid attention to exactly what they like. This gift is prime for a loved one living in a dorm since many college students cannot always consume the munchies they like.