Amity Scholar arrives at RHS

Jessica Leininger

An Amity scholar is a graduate student from another country who is majoring in education with a specification in English. He or she comes to the U.S. to help classes to learn about the rest of the world, including language and culture. This semester, Amity scholar Leila Sedira will be working at RHS.

French teacher Madame Elizabeth Arcangeli is happy to explain the logistics of the program.

“She will come for the second semester,” Madame Arcangeli said. “The Amity program screens interns and sends them over to work with us and our curriculum. She will be housed with students, and this program has been effective at AHS for over two decades.” 

Leila skyped with the French 4 and 5 class with much success. French and English were both spoken, and the students got to know more about who would be coming to their class this semester.

Madame Arcangeli was thrilled that they were able to secure the funds for this experience, which can be upwards of two thousand dollars.

“I applied for a grant,” Madame Arcangeli said. “And I hope to have the support of the RHS PTSA for the program. We are also trying to fundraise, and Mr. Rowland has also pledged his support in the form of a donation.”